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¿How to get to Waqrapukara?

by / Wednesday, 21 August 2019 / Published in Cusco
How to get to Waqrapukara
How to get to Waqrapukara

The archaeological center of Waqrapukara is located south of Cusco exactly in the local estate known as Fundo Perc’a that belongs to the district of Acos, southern province of Acomayo, this archaeological center would have been used to carry out agricultural activities for the inhabitants and also dedicated to the activity of astronomy due to its excellent location and height (4300 above sea level), the distance between Waqrapukara and Cusco is approximately 139 kilometers combined in transport and walking will depend on where you want to enter this site.

The first way to get to Waqrapukra is to take the transport from the city of Cusco to reach the province of Acomayo the time will last between 2 to three hours according to the traffic that can be found in the road, when you arrive in Acomayo you must take a collective car for the town of Huayki the time will be one hour on a narrow unpaved road we must mention that this town is the only one that has collective cars round trip to Acomayo in the others Access villages to Waqrapukara you will have to hire a private transport or take it in several people if it is the case of group travel, from the town that Huayki began the walk of 03 hours, the first section of this road is a slope of a hour and a half later you can walk on a flat road without problems, you must return to Huayki before 6pm as only until this time There are collective cars.

The second way to get to Waqrapukara is to take a bus from Cusco to the Sangarara district known as a warrior town where the battle of Sangarara would have taken place due to the rebellion of Tupac Amaru II. The time to reach this town is approximately two hours. From this town you must take a collective group car or pay a private one that takes you to the top of the road to start the road to Waqrapukara you must agree with the driver of the car to return for you since there are no collective cars until road. the road from the top will be easy, it is only flat with some rise to return.

How to get to Waqrapukara
How to get to Waqrapukara

The third way is similar to the previous one, you must take a bus from Cusco to Acomayo and get off at the town of Campi although it is true in this place there are no collective taxis at all times the advantage is that the road to Waqrapukara It is very easy to go and return, all you have to do is make sure you agree with the car driver to take them to the entrance of the Waqrapukara road and wait for them there until the return.

The last way is take a bus from Cusco to the town of Pitumarca as we mentioned before transportation is the only problem you can have but make sure to go to Waqrapukara on your own, once you reach the town of Pitumarca you you must hire a car to take you to the road that goes to Waqrapukara and make sure that you can return to town again, the road is very easy but it is the longest to go to Waqrapukara.

If you fail to take the bus to the previous destinations to reach Waqrapukara, the last option will be to take the bus that goes to the city of Sicuani on the Cusco-Puno road, you must get off at the junction of this cart and the Chuquicahuana bridge located above of the Vilcanota river (sacred river of the Incas), from this place you can take a bus at any time to reach the villages of Acomayo mentioned above to reach Waqrapukara, it is clear that you must first agree on the prices and conditions for your Trip is done normally.

We hope the article It has been very helpful for travelers, if you do not want to waste time or take risks and want to have the best experience with the Tour Waqrapukara that we will help you with pleasure Contact us.

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