Our TESTIMONIALS are our Greatest Treasure

Betsy YorkVirginia Beach, VA
I have traveled to Peru several times and I am plan ning a trip next year also. I can well imagine that some folks might be concerned about doing to the Amazon jungle. I had these concerns before my first trip. I thought it would be hot, humid, and pretty miserable; however, it turned out to be just the opposite. I regard it as one of my favorite parts of the trip. Many of the other travelers said the same thing. The amazon was magical.
Cathy DeretchinHillsborough, NJ
The trip was absolutely great!!!! We travelled as a family of 14 ages ranging from 1 to 70. Mapi Perú Travel assisted us along the way in ideas and places to visit, hotels and ground tours and transportation. They were excellent in all aspects of travel: planning and preparation, hotel reservations, ground transportation, as well as providing great insights on places to visit and things to do. Every location was more exciting than the one previous. Each transfer, tour and hotel was as per the description and very accommodating to our needs.
Sally Appenzellar and John CaldwellUSA
None of our reading fully prepared us to see the Sacred Valley, Cusco, and Machu Picchu in the way that our guide Joanna was able to share the history of the Inca and her homeland with us. Other tourists struggled to interpret their tour books while Joanna readily deciphered the physical spaces along with the cultural and historical meaning and context. As tourists we never truly know another culture, but with a local company like Mapi Perú Travel and a personal guide like Manuel we developed a real sense of the Incan empire and what a loss its demise was.
Blanche BrooksBaltimore, MD
How do you describe perfection…everything was perfect. I had my children and grandchildren with me. All the travel and hotels were lovely and all the planning was exceptional. Everyone was so gracious. Cusco was cold but the service was warm. Machupichu was an experience. It was unbelievable. I had a bit of trouble walking around the entire ruins, but I saw many amazing things. I just can’t get over the experience.
Mary & Jim MarianUSA
My husband and I had an absolutely fabulous trip to Peru with Intense Peru. We accomplished every single one of our goals – to experience the culture, see the sights and have fun! With Mapi Perú Travel, our trip was seamless, hassle-free, totally relaxing, and comfortable. In the event that a problem might arise, we felt extremely comfortable that the Mapi Perú Travel staff was available at a moment’s notice. No trip to Peru would be possible without their services.
Elektra Soublis Panama City, Florida
Here is a few photos to help those dreamers plan their trip. It will be unforgettable and all those who hear your stories will follow in your footsteps. I admit the price was a little steep but I wouldnt have changes a thing. Thank you Mapi Perú Travel, your staff were very helpful and you certainly know what you are doing. I will return once again.
Demetrios MarantisWashington, DC
Magical Team, Many thanks again for helping to organize one of the best trips I have ever taken. I am sorry it has taken me so long to email you with comments about our trip. I got back to the office on Tuesday and have been extremely busy! It’s Sunday now, and I have time to think about the trip. Before I go into details, I just wanted to thank the two of you again for your wonderful help and service. I know that I was probably a very difficult and demanding client to work with.
Elsie FordCanada
Mapi Perú Travel is a first-rate, all-purpose travel agency for all types of travel throughout Peru. Significantly, Manuel put together an incredible long-weekend tour for my group and on very short notice. We did so much more than just “go” to Machu Picchu. She and her team crafted the experience to meet the needs and expectations of a well-traveled professor leading a group of ten university students. Mapi Perú Travel combined the traditional must-see sites with cultural immersion and educational experiences.
William CooperBakersfield, CA
My trip to Peru was magical from my start in Lima with it’s beaches and warm temperatures; especially coming from a foggy valley in California. In Lima I saw the colonial history of Peru with the clash of cultures. At the Museum I saw and learned of the historical of record of great civilizations of Peru before the Spanish Conquest. Plus I eat the wonderful foods and drank the wonderful Peruvian drinks. Lima has a vibrant night life with cafes and clubs with bright lights and sounds. My guide was wonderful his name was Manuel, ands he was funny, pleasant, and knowledgeable. The trip to Cusco was through the clouds.
Mark NelsonWashington, DC
Overall, it was a great trip. The guides were fantastic, informative, friendly, and engaging. The guides, drivers, and just about everyone was also very welcoming. The food was wonderful as well. I would love to have had more time in the Sacred Valley but we simply didn't have enough time to do more and I wouldn't change our itinerary. The wonderful food was one of the nicest surprises of the trip. All meals were excellent.
Andrea SavoltNew York, NY
Mapi Perú Travel did a great job finding unique things for us to experience that would have NEVER been able to find on our own. We went to a silver shop in Pisac where we bought some beautiful handmade earrings directly from the person who made them, we played an Andean bar game “El Sapo” in a chicheria in Urubamba, we ate a delicious traditional lunch (read: not available in typical restaurants) in a family’s home in Maras, and we stayed overnight on Taquile Island with a local family…where I have never witnessed a more beautiful sunrise.
Emmanouil RousakisPhiladelphia, PA
It’s hard to describe the experience of visiting Peru with a single picture. And we cannot thank the people in Mapi Perú Travel enough for taking care of everything for us. Accommodations were very nice, clean and comfortable. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable and the transfer staff were all very helpful and kind, and so were the porters on the Inca Trail. Everything was perfectly organized and all we had to do was enjoy every moment of our stay there.