Inca Trail

Inca trail to machu picchu

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is considered one of the best places to hike in the world, for this reason you can not stop coming to visit this beautiful trail, where we can also find landscapes with a wonderful view of the green field, hills Surrounded by the snowy mountains of Veronica, we can also find animals and plants native to this area, which are currently protected by their important contribution to the environment. For the Inca Trail we will also find important archaeological remains that will give us an idea of ​​how the life of our ancestors the Incas. They used this road as a way of communication between Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Altitude: 2050 – 4200 masl / 6730 – 13780 f.
High Season: March – January
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Difficulty level: Moderate
Route: Closed in February

Itinerary Inca Trail

Day 1. Cusco – Kilometer 82 – Salapunko – Canapampa – kilometer 88 – Llactapata

We will leave Cusco in the morning at 06:30 am, in a bus for tourists, along the way we will cross the Sacred Valley of the Incas. After two hours we will arrive at the archaeological center of Ollantaytambo. In this place we will take our first breakfast, then we can buy some things for our trip, then we will leave at kilometer 82, which will be the place where we will begin our journey towards the Inca Trail. We will be able to find several archaeological sites of great importance Canapampa, Qorihuayrachina, we will walk moderately of 5 to 6 hours (11 km), until arriving at Llactapata, where we will spend the night.

Day 2. Llactapata – Yuncachimpa – Pacaymayo

IThe second day is to walk easily, that is to say at a slow pace, on the Inca trail we can see some archaeological sites. The next day in the morning, we will walk 3 kilometers towards the Valley of Llulluchapampa (3850msnm / 12631f). In that place we can enjoy the moist forest and waterfalls. Afterwards we will continue the approximate path of 3 hours until arriving at the highest point that is the Warmihuañusca Pass (the Paso de la Muerta), which is 4200msnm / 113780f. This place is known as the most extreme climb of the Inca trail, after climbing we will have a rest at the top, after this rest we will start a long descent towards the Pacaymayo River where we will have the second camp.

Level of difficulty: difficult
Hiking time: 8-9 hours
Total distance: 15 kilometers approx.

Day 03. Pacaymayu – Phuyupatamarca

The third day will be the most impressive, during the trek we will notice the change of climate, landscape and ecosystem, as we will pass through the tropical forest to Phuyupatamarca. We will cross the highest step that is 4200msnm, Phuyupatamarca is known the place above the clouds, because we will have a breathtaking view of the landscape since we will feel literally over the clouds, here we will realize our last camp.

Level of difficulty: normal, unforgettable (easy)
Hiking time: 8-9 hours
Total distance: 14 kilometers approx.

Day 04. Phuyupatamarca – Machupicchu – Cusco.

On the fourth day we will have our breakfast very early, after which we will be equipped with lanterns to go to Inti Punku (the Puerta de Sol), in this place we will observe for the first time the sunrise in Machu Picchu, then we will walk towards the marvel of the World Machupicchu, here we can enjoy the magic, energy and spiritual space, we will stay two hours accompanied by a specialized guide who will explain us what the function was and why they built Machupicchu. After spending time with the guide you will have good time to explore Machupicchu on your own, you can visit the Inca Bridge and Huaynapicchu, in this place you can take spectacular photos for the souvenir, finally after your visit to Machupicchu, we will take the bus to descend towards The town of Aguas Calientes. Once in the village you can visit the hot springs to relax and unwind from the great trek to Machupicchu. At 14:55 hours we will go to Ollantaytambo, then to Cusco and finally we will transport you to the hotel.

Level of difficulty: normal
Tour time: 3-4 hours
Total distance: Approximate 9 km.

We Recommend to Inca Trail

• If you come to Cusco to visit Machu Picchu, you should take a lot of water for you keep hydratate, then everyday you should have a Coca tea cup to combat the Altitude Sickness, all hotels in Cusco offers you a cup of coca tea upon your arrival in our city.

• Cusco it’s a magical city, after your visit to Machu Picchu you should spend some hours exploring the city, you can find cultural, relax and peace places, we will be willing to give some recommendations.