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Cusco Stray DogsCusco Turism Stray dogs

Cusco is the tourist destination par excellence preferred by tourists, however in Cusco there is also one of the biggest problems that is the super population of stray dogs, which grows year after year without finding a solution, stray dogs begins to emerge Because of abandonment in the streets by the informal sellers of dogs, since not selling the female dogs are abandoned.

The other problem are the owners of dogs that when they reach adulthood leave them on the streets, we must Indicate that there are relatives who raise many dogs that they can not maintain or provide food or shelter, then these dogs go out to the streets to look for food and no longer return to their homes, so here begins the problem there are more male and female street dogs Which in time of zeal procreate more and more dogs in the streets, these dogs for different causes suffer abuses by the drivers of Another problem is that these dogs live on the streets suffer from different diseases (distemper, parvovirus, pneumonia, malnutrition, etc.) because of the cold and the lack of food.

Cusco Turism stray dogsThese problems have not yet been resolved by our authorities, since a long-term project is needed to control the population of stray dogs and to apply the animal protection law that was created by the congress but which are not complied with by the Natural persons or by the police of Peru, In Mapi Peru Travel we have taken the decision to support this cause and create a fund for the recovery of these stray dogs, in this way we can provide a better quality of life by supporting with food, Medicines, prefabricated homes, rescue, health recovery, etc. This support is carried out by all Administrative staff and collaborator of Mapi Peru Travel. We also provide help to different hostels in the city of Cusco in order that they can also rescue stray dogs and give them a better life whether they recover their health or looking for a person to adopt them to give them a new home.