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In these last two months the entire world has been devastated by a disease that has crossed borders and has quickly spread to more than 730,000 inhabitants and 35,500 people have died (March 30, 2020) this Corona Virus (Covid-19) has not only left dead and infected people but also interrupted small and large business economic

¿How to get to Waqrapukara?

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The archaeological center of Waqrapukara is located south of Cusco exactly in the local estate known as Fundo Perc’a that belongs to the district of Acos, southern province of Acomayo, this archaeological center would have been used to carry out agricultural activities for the inhabitants and also dedicated to the activity of astronomy due to

Waqrapukara Full Day

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Waqrapukara Full Day this place is known as the new wonder of Cusco, it is located in the province of Acos in Acomayo is at an altitude of 4200 meters above sea level this place is surrounded by an impressive natural view of natural landscapes and green fields, the people who inhabit these places today
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