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About UsWelcome to Mapi Perú Travel, your tour Operator & Travel Agency in Peru whose operations are based completely on internet sales. Here you will find the most complete Travel Guide, Tourism and Vacations in Peru, plus links to our own sites for your trip to Peru. Each route we offer in our Tours section will be finally tailored to your needs. In Mapi Perú Travel believe in providing a high level of service; give us the occasion to prove that our assistance and travel services make the difference. Your questions are welcome at the same time we hope to have it soon in Peru.

How Do We Customize

Creating unique, creative and personalized programs based on your goals, budget, expectations and schedule is our specialty. All you need to do is let our reservations team know the date you want to start, and we will find the perfect fit for you. We will put together a tour, an itinerary and work with you until you get exactly what you are looking for.

What to include?
Our Destinations section can give you an idea of some of the most popular programs and extensions we have in Peru. You may also like to choose from our Special Interest program section, where we describe example programs with a special focus (Culinary, Yoga, Volunteer, etc). With all these options, you can create a unique itinerary just for you.

How long?
From half-day programs to 2 week-long itineraries, we can customize your perfect vacation just for you. From a City tour in Lima,Trama (the must see tour) to Machu Picchu, a cooking class or a “Shamanic” ceremony. Also, if you want to experience the Peruvian jungle, the exclusive cultures of Lake Titicaca, the beautiful beaches of the North, or just a Classic Tour or Inca Trail, we can arrange specific tour extensions that meet your needs. Just contact us and we will create something perfect for you.

How many people?
We don’t have any minimums or maximums; single travelers and couples can enjoy the same level of service and similar itineraries than that of a group of 10 or 15.

We run tours daily, so you can start your tour any day of the year. Also, we can deal with last minute tours. If by any reason you suddenly need to come to Peru, you can contact us to settle and arrange your services in 24 hours.


  • Your memorable and unforgettable experience during your holidays touring with Mapi Perú Travel.
  • High quality outstanding personalized service, tours and outdoor trips.
  • We contributes greatly to the development of the tourism sector.
  • To continue offering a service of quality, that the private or small groups do not have to be necessarily expensive, with a great human trained group and using high standard and comfortable camping equipment./li>
  • To create in our visitors and in ourselves respect and admiration toward the legacy of the Inca Culture, their Philosophy, their respect and love to nature and reciprocity motivating the interest to learn more about the Andean and Pre Inca Culture and this would help and repel in their lives.


  • Exceeding expectation through effective, resourceful, caring service while inspiring the highest level of trust Top guides for top client. Continual quality improvement our trips, up-dating qualification of our staff and guides.
  • Positive environment and social impact, environmentally sensitive company.
  • All the groups are 100% operated by Mapi Perú Travel and guaranteed departures.
  • Create and generate job for our local community people who love and have passion in this work with effort and dedication to support their families for better life. The Peruvian government has never considered them in their plans of development. We think and feel this is an obligation and compromise for us.


Being a Peru travel agency our mission is to make every peruvian travel we sell, a dream travel! We know that there are always imponderables, but also that what makes us different, is to think ahead of it and give reliable travel solutions to our customers. Our passion for travel is rivaled only by our commitment to those we serve.

From helping our travelers choose the perfect trip to the land of the Incas, to providing them with the most authentic life-changing adventure possible, from the Andes to the Amazon we will go out of our way to ensure a travel experience unlike anything they’ve ever imagined.