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Waqrapukara Full Day

by / Sunday, 14 April 2019 / Published in Cusco
tour waqrapukara 1 day

Waqrapukara Full Day this place is known as the new wonder of Cusco, it is located in the province of Acos in Acomayo is at an altitude of 4200 meters above sea level this place is surrounded by an impressive natural view of natural landscapes and green fields, the people who inhabit these places today maintain their ancestral culture dedicated to agriculture and livestock, on the way you can see Llamas Guanacos and Alpacas that walk freely through the green field and lagoons of different size that adorn the landscape, the road to Waqrapukara is very easy and accessible for this reason you can go hiking to Waqrapukara in one day and return to Cusco to have some typical dish, if you decide to take this tour Waqrapukara Full Day and do not waste time to do this trip do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to assist you.

Waqrapukara full day there are three routes:

  • The first route to reach Waqrapukara is through the town of Sangarara, you must leave the imperial city of Cusco early in the morning, the time it takes is 06 hours round trip by bus and the walk is 5 hours one way and return.
  • The second route to reach Waqrapukara is to go through the town of Wayki. The road is relatively easy. There is a slope that must be climbed in 2 hours and then the road is easy, the time by car from the city of Cusco is 07 hours. Round trip and the hike takes 07 hours.
  • The third route to reach Waqrapukara is to go through the town of Pitucarma the time it takes to walk from this place to the archaeological center of Waqrapukara is 8 hours round trip, the car must leave very early from the city of Cusco to have a good tour time to Waqrapukara

Waqrapukara vídeo

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